Thursday, March 10, 2016

Golg Beginner Basics

What to keep in your golf bag.

There are many golf bags available, some designed for
fashion, some for utility and some that combine both
features. There are big bags, bigger bags and bags so
big that they would keep everything you need for a long
weekend vacation in one of the side pockets!

Generally speaking, you need a bag just large enough
to hold your clubs, extra balls, your glove, tees, car
keys, extra pencils, ball markers, a ball retriever,
sunscreen, a windbreaker and a large umbrella.

It is also a good idea to have a packet of tissues, a
band-aid or two, and if you play courses where insects
are a problem, a can of bug repellent comes in very

A small pack of baby wipes come in very handy; in your
bag they get warmed by the heat, so when you get
sweaty or a sand trap covered you with sand, a nice
warm wipe can be very refreshing.

If you happen to be allergic to bees, hornets and wasps, keep your
Epipen as an important addition to your bag. Also if you are
hypoglycemic so carry Lifesavers, which have to be replaced
several times throughout the year because they tend to melt.

One item that doesn’t need to be in your golf bag is
your cell phone. If you must carry it, turn off the
ringer as a courtesy to other players. If you must use
it, be aware of others who might be taking a swing or
putting their ball. Be considerate!

Having these items in your golf bag should provide
everything you will need, even in a minor emergency
(like a blister) or a major inconvenience, like a
sudden rainstorm. Being prepared makes the game a
great deal more fun.

To your golfing success

Fran Watson

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Golf Carts

While many people think that golf isn’t really golf unless you walk the course, the reality is that some people just can’t do that.  That’s where golf carts come in handy. 

The new golf carts that are out today really can make golf a little more enjoyable.  Besides not having to haul your golf bag around with you, the golf cart can also help you avoid fatigue and carry along a cooler of snacks, soda, or beer along with you if that’s what you like to do when you golf.  You can also get a good rest on a hot day when you use a golf cart to navigate the course.

There are basically three big golf cart manufacturers that dominate the golf cart market:
* Yamaha
* EZ Go
* Club Car

Some golf carts are powered with small gas engines while others are electrically powered.  The electric golf carts were the first mass-produced electric vehicles for private consumer use.  Modern golf carts may have car-like styling despite being no bigger than a traditional golf cart.  Accessories such as audio entertainment systems, custom wheels, and custom body panels in an assortment of colors are now being offered as choices for the personal golf cart.

Golf carts aren’t just used on the golf course.  Some small communities or neighborhoods will use a golf cart where their lack of pollutants, lack of noise, and safety for pedestrians and other cars are beneficial.  While purpose-built for general transportation, these are called Neighborhood Electric Vehicles and they have various operating limitations such as top speed and heavy regulation on street use.  They do resemble traditional golf carts in style, but some are enclosed to accommodate for use in all types of weather.

There is a huge market for aftermarket parts on golf carts.  Each major manufacturing company has their own line of aftermarket parts to enhance off-road capabilities.  Because golf carts can have a long life, people often buy used golf carts making these aftermarket parts very valuable to people who need to fix broken parts of their golf cart.

Golf carts are considered by many golfers to be an essential part of the golf game.  Others just think the golf cart make a golf course more dangerous.  Either way, the truth is golf carts can really help make the game more enjoyable by leaps and bounds.

To your golfing success...cart or no cart

Fran Watson

Monday, September 29, 2014

Golf Secrets Revealed

People from various walks of life have played golf, for many years. Initially golf was known as a game of the male elite. Today many tournaments are held to attract and encourage more people to join the game. Not only men, but women too take equal pride in swinging their clubs to hit the ball and display a great performance. If you look around, you will see golf clubs emerging in all the nooks and corners of the globe, proving the love for the game is increasing day by day.

Many golfers constantly keep working to better their performance. You would find them practicing hard and playing the game with complete dedication to come out as a star performer.

There are also many who keep looking for ways to improve their game, but fail to get the desired result. Though these golfers may have been playing for years, they have failed to understand the real secret of golf that can make them a champion.

Golf is all about having the correct posture and swinging the club accurately. You need to position your body properly in order to swing the club well. Hence, it is important to tone your body and keep it flexible to be able to let you swing well.

It is important to tone your muscles to avoid straining during the various swings and moves. Remember playing golf needs lot of patience and practice. Nobody has learned to play this special game well completely on his/her own.

You need to help your body get used to the correct positions. Your body acquires the correct position by constantly following the instructions from the very beginning. Thus, it is very important that even your first position is perfect. A good instructor will always take care that you place every bit of your body well in position. You need to get so used to the right position that even by mistake if you have taken a wrong posture, you should instantly realize it.

Always exercise with warm-up sessions before you play golf. Let your body get stretched and flexible, before you take the actual swings. Do some stretching exercises and let your body realize that it needs to get ready for the game. Warming up will also help the body temperature to rise and help to avoid any injury to the body. Many golfers face injuries, as they never warm up their bodies before they get onto the course.

As your arms are important in the game of golf, you need to stretch them well in order to let your shoulder joints get flexible. Do not forget to concentrate on your muscles. Your muscles should be able to take the strain, so that you do not feel tired during the course of the game and can put all your energy in every swing.

By understanding this simple warm up secret, you can transform your game to a much higher level and keep performing well. So, do not ignore your body, since it is very important to maintain stability in your game. Take the time to stretch and walk a bit before every game.
Yours to a successful game
Fran Watson
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Putting Video

Click Here! to view a video on putting.

To your putting success


Putting Tip

Here's a simple technique to improve your putting.

Before you can expect to putt well on greens with a slope, you need to learn to putt well on the flat.
This tip will train you to swing your putter through a straight line and hit the ball squarely on the face of the putter.

To begin get a putter that has a line on it that you can see clearly, as this will be the line that you will follow through to the center of the ball.

On the practice green (preferably one that you have at home, as this technique might not be appreciated) mark straight lines with a builders chalk line in several directions from the center of the hole spanning out around the green.  (Getting someone to hold the chalk line at the center of the cup will make the process easier.)

Now move around the green flicking the line to leave chalk marks along the ground.

Next - place your golf ball on the line leaving some of the line on the ground visible behind the ball.
This will help you to guide your swing.

You will then be able to swing your putter using the line on the ground as a guide and the line on the putter itself to connect with the center of the ball.

In a very short time you should find that you are managing to putt from a relatively good distance and get the ball in the hole most of the time.

This will help you to develop the correct posture and consistency to putt well.

After doing this for a while from different positions on the green, move the ball off the line and visualize that there is still a line on the ground by creating it in your mind, looking from the ball to the cup and back again several times.

Line up your putter as before and look at the line on your putter to hit the center of the ball with this spot on your club.

You are now retraining yourself to see an invisible line from the ball to the cup that you can use on any green you play on.

To your putting success


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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Add Variety to Your Practice (Golf)

Many golfers practice the same shots over and over again. That's Ok if it is an area that needs concentrated attention, as the more you practice a shot the better you will become at it.

If you practice a shot enough you will virtually do it on autopilot when you get to the course, but you must also remember that variety will make you a better all round golfer.  The more techniques that you can master the better you will be on competition day.

You can do this by trying new techniques when you practice.  Observe the results you get when you use different clubs or try different techniques. Try adding some spin to the ball and see how this affects the flight. Use different types of golf balls to see whether your level of expertise has changed and allowed you to get more benefit from the different ball compressions.  Even consider testing new golf clubs.

As your game progresses, so will your need to change equipment accordingly. You won't want to be using the same clubs you had when you started playing and you will probably not want to be using the same golf balls either.

Better equipment will allow you to make shots that weren't possible before, and practice will help get you to the next level where you can take advantage of this equipment.

Try adding more backspin to your shots and see if this helps position the ball better for the next shot and offer more control on faster courses.

Your practice time should also be a time where you allow yourself the opportunity to experiment and try to broaden your game.

Having the ability to add spin to the ball might be the difference between hitting a tree and landing on the green.

You can never learn too much in the game of golf.

To your golfing success

Fran Watson

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Putting is about Feeling

Getting the Right Feel for Putting

Putting is all about 'feel' and there is no better way to get the feel of your putter than by blocking out all other outside distracting factors.

You are probably wondering how you might be able to do this.

Try closing your eyes for a moment and see how you can focus more easily something.  Just the action of closing your eyes will eliminate more than half of the distraction that we encounter constantly throughout the day.

So this is a lesson in playing golf with your eyes closed.  Seriously - this is a great way to perfect your putting by getting the right 'feel'. You won't need the ball initially - just the putter and you standing on the green.

Get into your normal putting stance and visualize a ball on the ground and line it up with the hole.
Swing your putter, as you would do if you were to hit a ball. Now do it again with your eyes closed and become aware of the pressure of your hands on the grip.

Feel the lightness of your grip and the weight of the putter hanging in your hands.  As you swing gently, be aware of the club as it grazes the grass on the green.  You should be able to feel the pressure of the grass dragging lightly on your club.

You can continue to swing backwards and forwards in a fluid motion making slight adjustments to eliminate the drag on your putter and more importantly you will be able to focus on the lightness of touch you have on the grip of your club. This is the important part of this exercise.

This will allow you to swing your putter while retaining the same light grip throughout the movement not squeezing tighter on the club at any point through your swing. Once you have done this a few times with and without your eyes closed, place a ball on the ground and concentrate more on the 'feel' of the club in your hands than the ball you are hitting.

This is also excellent training for getting the right distance on the green, as you will begin to have a better feel for what your putter will do

To your putting success

Fran Watson